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Welcome to Kinty Jones Heating & Cooling!

Our total business is absolutely and 100% no more, or no less, than selling comfort!  It was the business of heating and cooling that transformed the Dallas-Forth Worth area back in the sixties from the dry hot and unbearable climate it was, to the great metropolitan area it is today.  And it's heating and cooling that has spoiled us all, therefore, our duty, first and foremost to our customers ... is supplying comfort!  And supplying it as fast as possible, while also supplying the best in equipment and parts available, so as to keep our customers comfort for many, many years to come.

Kinty Jones Heating & Cooling offers only the finest in service, parts, equipment and attitude.  In his prime, and at the age of forty-three, Kinty Jones has acquired over twenty-four years of experience, in both residential and commercial construction and installation.  Allow Kinty to stand responsible for your comfort when you are in need, you'll be happy to have him on your side.
                                  From the staff of Kinty Jones Heating & Cooling     
Kinty Jones

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